Career Guidance Redundancy Programme

How does redundancy affect the employees and the organisation?

Two ways, the remaining staff may have reduced morale or survivor guilt and the staff who leave also need support. Most organisations who provide a career guidance outplacement service report that they are judged to have treated the employees fairly. It protects the brand and the reputation of the company.

How can a career guidance counsellor or career coach help a client cope with the loss of employment?

Firstly, we are an objective resource that can provide the client with a safe place to speak about their concerns. Often they are reluctant to speak freely with their spouse in case they cause distress or worry. We have experience in directing clients to the next steps whether that is contacting the department of social welfare or clarifying their pension entitlements. Initially many clients are worried about the financial consequences. Once that has been resolved, they are ready to discuss their personal choices, career advice or career options.

Generally speaking what methods are used to build a new future for somebody who has lost their full time occupation?

Well, all the research, and my personal experience indicate that people who avail of a career coach, a career guidance counselor or outplacement have greater success in transitioning to the next stage of their careers. A good career guidance coach will speak about employ-ability not just employment. The reality is that many people will have portfolio careers or part time jobs. Others will have to up skill in order to position themselves in the job market. The coach can help by providing information on government schemes or volunteering options that may provide the extra experience they need.

Should forced career change be daunting? Or can it open new exciting career opportunity?

Most people go through a process outlined by Kubler-Ross and often move from denial to anger to depression and acceptance. However many experience a feeling of release from the drudgery of a job they many not have liked. It very much depends on their personal circumstances.

“This is the only skill/job I know and I was happy alongside my colleagues, what now? How would you handle a personal scenario like this?

We would work with the client to create a strength based CV rather than a chronological CV. By identifying the actual existing and transferable skills we can reassure the client that they are still valuable and direct them to explore other career areas.

How long (what time frame) does the process of a career guidance redundancy programmer consist of? Is there a follow up service and continual advice available?

Normally, 3 to 4 days. The first day may happen at the early stage of the process and the remaining days as the deadline approaches. It depends how much time and resources the company want to allocate.

The follow up is normally be email or telephone support over a period of approx a month. It can be followed on with one-on-one up to one hour short sessions.

We encourage the participants to plan their next move, the next stage in their job search or career development. We also highlight the importance of networking and personal contacts

Are the redundancy career programmers conducted in group or individual sessions or a mixture of both?

Typically, it would be a mixture of both. The group sessions help to maintain the peer support and allow them to share experiences in a safe environment. It is a great opportunity to brainstorm or share ideas and tips and a way to vent any frustrations. We would have individual sessions to create the actual CV or discuss specific career advice issues relating to the individual.